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Auto Insurance

auto insurance Automobile insurance is available for autos you own, rent or lease and provides coverage for legal liability arising out of the operation of an automobile, physical damage coverage for the automobile itself, accident benefits (medical payments) insurance, comprehensive coverage and protection against uninsured drivers.

· Private Passenger Auto
· Motorcycle
· Motor Homes
· Trailers
· Snowmobiles
· Umbrella Policy
- additional liability protection

Glossary of Terms

At Fault Accident

An incident involving a motor vehicle which results in harm to individuals, damage to property or car(s) where you are deemed partially or wholly responsible.


A request made to the insurance company for compensation for any damage to you or your car as a result of an accident or loss. A claim can be any notification of a possible loss under an insurance policy, whether or not payment follows.


Convictions for any moving traffic offence (offences related to the operation of a vehicle) under an Act governing highway traffic or for any offence substantially the same committed whether within or outside Canada.


The amount of money you agree to pay if you make a claim. For example, if you choose a $500 deductible for your Collision coverage and you have an accident where you hit someone and you are at fault, you are responsible for paying for the first $500 worth of damage to your automobile. Your insurance company will pay the rest.


An addition or change to an Insurance Policy that alters what it covers.

Insurance premium

The amount of money you pay the insurance company in return for the insurance coverage described in your policy.

Primary driver of the Vehicle

The person who drives a particular car most of the time.

Private Passenger Vehicle

An automobile driven for pleasure, commuting or work-related travel (for example, sales representatives who drive to visit customers). Private Passenger Vehicles do not include automobiles used by tradespeople (plumbers, electricians, etc.) as part of their jobs.

Secondary driver of the Vehicle

Someone who drives the car frequently but not as often as the primary driver.