We’re Taking
Action In-House To
Reduce What You Pay
For Insurance

Okay, so here’s
the reality right now.

In New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and other provinces, because of spiking claim payouts, rates are headed one way – and that’s up. Most people waiting for their 2021 policy renewal will feel an average increase of 10-20% – or higher in some situations.

So we asked our team – “What can we do differently to help our customers save money, stay ahead of the curve, and squeeze the most out of their insurance at the same time?”

Our Solution

Go the extra mile to gather, analyze, and share time-sensitive rate information 90 days before your policy renewal date – along with a buffet of options to reduce what you pay. We believe this is the best and most effective way to give you the inside track on your insurance, long before you ever get locked into an overblown renewal.

No gimmicks. No empty promises. We’re a team of real people who feel the pain of ‘monthly bills’ just like you – willing to do whatever it takes to put you in the best situation with your insurance.

That’s why we created The Inside Track Program – one more example of our commitment to measure our worth in ways that go beyond the policy.

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